Neeti Palta: The Female Side of Humor

Neeti Palta: The Female Side of Humor

21200 Campus Drive, Waddell Theater

Sterling,Virginia - 20164

Date & Time

November 19, 2017 - November 19, 2017

Contact Info

Name :Madhu Gurthy
Email :
Mobile :(484) 557-3092

Neeti brings to the English stand up comedy scene in India what it sorely lacks – a female perspective. Therefore she has the unique advantage of being able to present a female point of view on a variety of subjects from the life of a woman in India, Indian idiosyncrasies, to daily irritants, current affairs, etc, while indulging in a spot of poking fun at men (ok, a lot of that!).

She was voted as the best Stand Up Comic at the Oz Fest and was India’s first Stand Up to perform at Melbourne for the prestigious Melbourne Comedy Festival 2013.