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Temporary Green Card Travel Restrictions

Green Card or a Permanent Resident Card is issued to all the permanent residents of USA which serves as a proof that...

How To Repatriate Money From NRO Account

Repatriation of funds becomes necessary when an individual settled outside India has some immovable assets which he...

How to Apply Passport For Infants

A Passport is a very important document, more so in order to prove and certify the identity of the passport holder....

Do Foreign Banks Report to IRS

Yes, the Foreign Banks do report to the IRS. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), passed in 2010 makes it...

How to Get Study Visa for USA

Any individual from any foreign country who wishes to enter the borders of United States of America for any purpose...

How to Start a Startup in India

Startups have become the buzz word around the town. Its eminent success here in India and across the globe has seen...

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Q: Are NRIs allowed to transfer their residential property by way of sale or gift?

A: Yes, as per provisions of the foreign exchange management act, RBI allows NRIs to sell or gift their property to an Indian resident.

Q: Can NRIs hold NRO/NRE accounts jointly with Indian residents?

A: According to the RBI rules, NRIs are allowed to NRO/NRE accounts jointly with resident Indians.

Q: Can an NRI purchase a property with borrowed money from a close relative outside India?

A: Yes, subject to certain conditions, an NRI can purchase a property with money borrowed from a close relative outside India; however, the borrowed amount should not exceed USD 250,000 or its...

Q: Can an NRI/PIO remit the sale proceeds of immovable property held in India outside India?

A: Yes, NRI can remit sale proceeds of immovable property outside India.

Q: Is there tax liability for NRIs on the purchase, sale and renting properties?

A: On purchase of property, NRIs do not have any tax liability in India; however, NRIs are liable to pay tax in the following instances: *Income earned from the rental of a residential property is...

Q: Can NRI trade in futures and options segment of the exchange?

A: Yes, NRIs are allowed to invest in future and options segment of the exchange out of rupees funds held in India on non-repatriation basis, subject to the limits prescribed by SEBI.