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Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child in Houston

Houston, Texas

2018-07-10 To 2018-08-30

Facebook Contest

Wealth Words Launched a Facebook Contest

Washington, District of Columbia

2018-07-28 To 2018-08-23

Yoga Camp for the Youth

Summer Yoga Camp for the Youth

Novi, Michigan

2018-08-07 To 2018-08-18

Ethnic Enrichment Festival

Ethnic Enrichment Festival

Kansas City, Missouri

2018-08-17 To 2018-08-19

Onam Mega Event

MACF Onam Mega Event

Tampa, Florida

2018-08-18 To 2018-08-18

NRI Guide

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How to Start a Startup in India

Startups have become the buzz word around the town. Its eminent success here in India and across the globe has seen...

How to Change Surname in Passport

Passport of an individual is the most important identity proof. Name becomes the most important component of the...

What To Do If I Lost My Green Card

Green Card is an important documentary proof and evidence required by immigrants living and working in the United...

Is Police Verification Required for Reissue of Passport

A Passport is an official document which is issued by the government of the country where he/she is residing....

What is Relinquishment Deed

The word relinquish is derived from the Latin word ‘relinquere’ which literally translates into leaving behind,...

Can NRI Invest in NPS

National Pension Scheme is a Government of India approved pension scheme under the Retirement Plan extended for all...


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Avvas Kitchen

Avvas Kitchen

Toledo, Ohio

The Indian Jewel

Jaipur Junction

Jaipur Junction

Cleveland, Ohio

Cafe Tandoor

Cafe Tandoor

Cleveland, Ohio



Aangan Indian Restaurant

Cincinnati, Ohio

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Q: Can a relative/power of attorney holder deposit foreign currency on behalf of the NRI?

A: No, the NRI has to come personally along with his/her passport for depositing to FC/FCTCs.

Q: How much foreign currency can an NRI bring along with him/her visit to India, without customs declaration form?

A: An individual NRI can bring USD 10,000/- or equivalent (in the form of FCTC/FC)of which maximum USD 5000/-can be in the form of currency notes without declaring the same in CDF. Any amount in...

Q: Can proceeds of FCNR be withdrawn in foreign currency?

A: NRI can withdraw up to USD 2000/- in currency notes and balance in TCs or the entire amount in TCs/Drafts or TTs.

Q: Are there any charges while remitting the FCNR proceeds abroad?

A: No.commission is levied while remitting such proceeds on maturity.

Q: Will the bank renew our NRE/FCNR deposits automatically?

A: Yes, provided automatic renewal instruction are given at the time of opening the deposit in which case, it will be automatically renewed for an identical period.

Q: Can the NRI deposits be prematurely extended to get the benefits of higher interest?

A: Yes, the deposit will earn interest without penalty for the period it has run, provided it has run for the minimum maturity period and thereafter at the higher interest.


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  • Padmaavat  - Hindi
    Padmaavat HindiNow Running
  • Pad Man  - Hindi
    Pad Man HindiNow Running
  • Aiyaary  - Hindi
    Aiyaary HindiNow Running
  • Aadhi - Malayalam
    Aadhi MalayalamNow Running
  • Naachiyaar - Tamil
    Naachiyaar TamilNow Running
  • Awe - Telugu
    Awe TeluguNow Running

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