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Bollywood & Hollywood In Brass

Bollywood & Hollywood In Brass

Stafford, Texas

2018-06-22 To 2018-06-22


Vocabathon 2018

Plano, Texas

2018-06-22 To 2018-07-21

Jewelry Exhibition

Yuvika Jewelry Exhibition

Austin, Texas

2018-06-23 To 2018-06-23

World Telangana Convention

American Telangana Convention 2018

Houston, Texas

2018-06-29 To 2018-06-29

Salman Khan Live

Salman Khan Live

Dallas, Texas

2018-06-29 To 2018-06-29

NRI Guide

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What is Relinquishment Deed

The word relinquish is derived from the Latin word ‘relinquere’ which literally translates into leaving behind,...

Can NRI Invest in NPS

National Pension Scheme is a Government of India approved pension scheme under the Retirement Plan extended for all...

Fair Market Value of Property in India

The terms Fair Market Price or Fair Market Value are the estimated price of any product, especially products which...

When Does NRI Status Expire

NRI or a Non Resident Indian is basically a citizen of India who is staying in a foreign land for the purpose of...

PAN Card Details From PAN Card Number

It is a unique identification code, a combination of ten alpha numeric characters, given to any individuals staying...

How To Get Social Security Number

Social Security Number is the number assigned to individuals in the United States of America by the Government of...

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Q: Can an NRI buy property in India without an Indian citizenship?

A: Only individuals with Indian Citizenship are allowed to own property in India or they should at least own an OCI Card ( Overseas citizenship of India )

Q: Can NRIs avail loans for acquisition of residential properties in India?

A: As per the Reserve Bank Of India guidelines, NRIs can avail bank loans from only certain financial institutions in the country. The regulations/conditions will be at par with those applicable to...

Q: What should be the method of payment for NRIs to purchase property in India?

A: NRIs/PIOs are only allowed to purchase properties by funds remitted/routed through normal banking channels or funds in NRE/FCNR accounts maintained with banks in India.

Q: Can NRI transfer their property by way of sale?

A: As per the current guidelines, NRIs/PIOs are allowed to transfer their properties by way of sale.

Q: Are there any limits on the number of residential properties NRI/PIOs can purchase in India?

A: No, there is no limit set on the number of residential properties that can be owned by NRIs/PIOs.

Q: Can losses on NRO PIS transaction be set-off against profits in NRE PIS transactions?

A: Yes, Enhanced set-off facility is provided at portfolio level during the financial year & therefore losses on NRO PIS transaction can be set-off against profits in NRE PIS transactions and...


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  • Aadhi - Malayalam
    Aadhi MalayalamNow Running
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    Naachiyaar TamilNow Running
  • Pari - Hindi
    Pari HindiNow Running
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    Aiyaary HindiNow Running

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