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Q: What are the details required for submitting FATCA/CRS?

A: Following additional details will be mandatorily required at the time of account opening and at the time of renewals for pre-existing accounts as defined under FATCA/CRS, if not provided earlier....

Q: What are the tax deductions allowed to NRI's?

A: The following are the tax deductions allowed to NRI's: * Life insurance premium payment * Tuition fee payment * Principal repayments on loan for the purchase of house property * ULIPS or...

Q: What are the tax deductions not allowed to NRI's?

A: The following are the tax deductions not allowed to NRI's: * Investment in PPF * Investments made in NSCs * Post Office 5 Year Deposit Scheme * Senior Citizen Savings Scheme * Section 80CCG,...

Q: What are the tax exemptions income for an NRI?

A: * Interest on NRE & FCNR(Foreign Currency Non- Repatriable) account * Interest on government-issued savings certificates, notified bonds * Dividends from shares of domestic companies * Long term...

Q: Why ITR should be filed by NRI?

A: * If the Tax deducted at source is more than the actual tax liability of the NRI, then refund can be claimed by the NRI only after filling return along with interest. * If the NRI has incurred any...

Q: What is tax consideration of NRE/NRO account?

A: Considering the interest income in NRE/ NRO Account, NRI can file their return in India. The income of NRE Account shall be exempt whereas, Income in NRO Account shall be taxable.

Q: What happens if I receive an I-20 to a different school?

A: If you received an I-20 after scheduling your appointment, then you can inform the U.S. consular officer of the new I-20 at the time of the interview.

Q: Can a person on the dependent visa work in the US?

A: Whether someone on a dependent visa can work in the U.S. depends on the visa category. For instance, H4 dependents cannot work while many L2 dependents can.

Q: Who pays the fraud prevention and detection fee and when do they pay?

A: An applicant for an L-1 visa traveling on a blanket petition must pay the Fraud Prevention and Detection fee. On individual L, H-1B, and H-2B petitions, the U.S. petitioner pays the Fraud...

Q: Can US-based relative sponsor work visa?

A: No, only the employer can sponsor a work visa.