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Q: What is the international equity commodity?

A: International equity division provides an opportunity for investors to scale up their investments horizon, by tapping into international equity and commodities market.

Q: Can NRI do Intra-day transactions in cash segment?

A: No, NRI investor has to take delivery of shares purchased and give delivery of shares sold. short selling is not permitted.

Q: Can NRI trade in futures and options segment of the exchange?

A: Yes, NRIs are allowed to invest in the futures and options segment of the exchange out of rupee funds held in India on non-repatriation basis, subject to the limits prescribed by SEBI.

Q: Can NRI trade in currency derivated segment of the exchange?

A: No, only a person resident in India as defined in section 2(v) of FEMA act 1999 are allowed to participate in currency derivated segment of the exchange.

Q: Can a trading account be opened for a person's resident outside India who had been allotted shares under ESOP scheme?

A: Listed Indian companies are allowed to issue shares under the Employees Stock Option Scheme (ESOPs), to its employees or employees of its joint venture or wholly owned subsidiary abroad who are...

Q: Can rights/bonus shares be issued to NRI?

A: FEMA provisions allow Indian companies to issue Rights / Bonus shares to existing non-resident shareholders, subject to adherence to the sectoral cap as may be applicable.

Q: DO NRIs need PAN card to sell property in India?

A: It is not mandatory for an NRI/PIO to have a PAN to do property transaction, PAN is required to repatriate the sale proceeds of the property out of India.

Q: Can OCI have NRO account?

A: NRI can open NRO, NRE accounts if the intention of the individual is to stay in India for an uncertain period of time, then a resident account is allowed. OCI holders now settled in India should...

Q: Does OCI have to pay tax in India?

A: The government of India has granted general permission for NRI/PIO/OCI to buy property in India and they do not have to pay any taxes even while acquiring property in India. Rental income earned in...

Q: Can OCI holder work in India?

A: Yes OCI can work in the financial, economic and educational field, they cannot work 9n the acquisition of agricultural or plantation properties. and they do not need to get an employment visa and...