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Q: Can an NRI own property in India, If I return to India will it be taxed in India and US?

A: Yes, as a PIO, you are eligible to buy property other than agricultural property. On your return to India, you will be an RNOR for 2 years during which your forex income will not be taxable in...

Q: What is the TDS deducted on NRO fixed deposit interest?

A: The interest on NRO is fully taxable at the rates applicable to Residents. But there is no income threshold under which TDS is not chargeable. However, TDS is applicable to @30.6% and nothing can...

Q: Are NRE savings deposits tax-free and fully repatriable?

A: The interest from NRE account is tax-free in India as long as you are NRI and have not returned to India permanently.

Q: If I invest in Indian mutual funds using a cheque issued from my NRE account, are the gains taxable?

A: The gains are always taxable whether the original amount is repatriable or not. However, long-term capital gains from equity-based schemes (over 65% equity component) are tax exempt.

Q: Are all capital gains fully repatriable?

A: All capital gains from whichever source are repatriable after taxes, if due, have been paid thereon.

Q: How long will it take to process an application?

A: can you please mention the application name which you want to process.

Q: What are the documents required for an NRI to buy a property?

A: The following are the documents required for an NRI to buy property in India * Pan card (permanent account number) * Oci/PIO card * Passport * Passport size photographs * Address proof

Q: What is the tax treatment for income generated from property selling or renting for NRI?

A: The mere acquisition of property does not attract income tax. However, any income acquiring from the ownership of it, in the form of rent/ annual value of the house (if it is not let out and it is...

Q: How does the double taxation avoidance agreement work in the context of tax on income and capital gains tax paid in India by NRI?

A: India has DTAA's with several countries which give a favorable tax treatment in respect of certain heads of income, However, in case of sale of immovable property, the DTAA with most countries...

Q: Are NRIs eligible for housing loans to buy property from any bank in India?

A: An authorized dealer or a housing finance institution in India approved by the national housing bank may provide housing loan to an NRI or a PIO, for the acquisition of residential accommodation...