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Q: What are the tax exemptions incomes for NRIs?

A: * Interest on NRE & FCNR(Foreign Currency Non- Repatriable) account * Interest on government-issued savings certificates, notified bonds * Dividends from shares of domestic companies * Long term...

Q: Why ITR should be filed by NRI?

A: * If the Tax deducted at source is more than the actual tax liability of the NRI, then refund can be claimed by the NRI only after filling return along with interest. * If the NRI has incurred any...

Q: What is tax consideration of NRE/NRO account?

A: Considering the interest income in NRE/ NRO Account, NRI can file their return in India. The income of NRE Account shall be exempt whereas, Income in NRO Account shall be taxable.

Q: What are the tax deductions that are not allowed to NRIs?

A: * Investment in PPF * Investments made in NSCs * Post Office 5 Year Deposit Scheme * Senior Citizen Savings Scheme

Q: Can an NRI purchase a travel card for upcoming foreign trip in India?

A: NRI customers cannot purchase travel card, traveler's cheques or foreign currency notes in India.

Q: Will, there be any charges if I cancel the order I placed for purchase of forex?

A: In case the transaction is canceled by you, applicable differential loss arising due to forex rates fluctuation will be deducted from the amount refunded to your account. Profit if any, will not be...

Q: How many days prior is it advisable to order for a purchase of forex?

A: Please make your request for online purchase and home delivery of Foreign Currency notes and Travel Card, 3 working days before your date of travel. For any urgent requirement, please visit the...

Q: What are the things to remember while purchasing forex or reloading /refunding travel card online?

A: Please keep your passport number, its expiry date and Debit Card handy while placing an order to purchase forex online. Also, don’t forget to carry your debit card, for its Grid values, to complete...

Q: What is the minimum transaction amount that can be ordered online?

A: There is no minimum transaction limit to reload. To buy the minimum transaction amount is USD 500 or its equivalent. (The minimum limit per product i.e. Travel Card or Currency Notes is USD 200 or...

Q: Are there any charges while remitting the FCNR proceeds abroad?

A: No.commission is levied while remitting FCNR proceeds on maturity.