US born child with Indian passport face problems in India

Question: Will US born child with Indian passport face problems in India?


Raju Kanumuri: 1.Yes! you can get a Indian passport for new born child in USA. Once your child is born in USA, you would have the option of applying for an Indian passport for your new born child at the Indian consulate in USA. However, to get Indian passport, you should not have applied for a US passport. If you have already applied for a US passport for your child, then the Indian passport application will be rejected.
Kindly note that even though you may opt to get a Indian passport for your newborn, your child will always be considered to be a US citizen under US law. Unless, on reaching the age of majority, US citizenship is formally renounced.
2.If all your family, including your new born child remain Indian citizens, I can’t foresee any problems your child may face in the early stages. However at some point of time when sensitive government jobs etc. come into play, then there is a possibility that your child’s US citizenship may cause hindrance.

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