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Q: is it necessory to renew oci card to travel to india

Q: I would like to know if Transfer of residence can be availed at Nagpur Airport. is there facility to clear Cargo (Used Household Goods) at Nagpur Airport

Q: Is any costom duty on PS4 pro vedio game

A: The electronic items which included products such as mobile phones, microwave ovens, electricity meters, video recording devices, and digital cameras, lamps and lighting fixtures which are imported...

Q: Will customs duty be levied on old used personal effects and household goods under transfer of residence?

A: No, under transfer of residence rules, duty is not levied on used personal effects and household goods which are more than 6 months old.

Q: Are all my goods dutiable under transfer of residence?

A: No, Personal effects and household goods like furniture, clothes, books, kitchenware, small appliances like mixer, juicer, iron etc. are allowed to be imported duty-free if these goods are old and...

Q: What is the difference between the transfer of residence and unaccompanied baggage?

A: Under transfer or residence goods can be imported at a concessional duty of 15% whereas under unaccompanied baggage the duty is 40%.

Q: Are all goods sent to India are physically examined?

A: Yes, generally all import consignments are physically inspected 100% as per Indian customs regulations. However, we find that in some cases if there is a proper packing list and if the goods...

Q: What documents are required for import customs clearance of goods into India?

A: To import goods through Indian custom we require Importers Original Passport, Original bill of lading (Signed on Reverse), Inventory of articles ( Please mention Value, Make, Model, Serial number &...