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Q: is it necessory to renew oci card to travel to india

Q: Will custom duty be levied on a new golf set, on return from trip abroad

A: If you are importing it to India the basic customs duty on golf set is 10%, CVD is 12% and spl.CVD is 4%

Q: what is the duty for used computer monitor from USA

A: The electronic items which included products such as mobile phones, microwave ovens, electricity meters, video recording devices, and digital cameras, lamps and lighting fixtures which are imported...

Q: I have been staying in Brussels for work since 1st April 2017 and will be travelling to India on 11th November 2018, I will be travelling back to Hungary for work by 31st January 2019. I need to know if i will be considered NRI or Resident for tax purpose for current financial year?

A: Your taxability in India depends on what your NRI status is for the current financial year. Any Indian citizen who leaves the country for a job or to serve as crew in an Indian ship for more than...