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Q: is it necessory to renew oci card to travel to india

Q: How to get passport number of one person by her name?

Q: what will be the customs duty to import a 4 year old self used car from Dubai to India on transfer of residence, if the original cost of the car was equivalent to Rs 12 lacs

A: Transfer Of Residence Rules India NRIs who are returning to India after a stay abroad may avail the “transfer of residence” for permanent settlement. Under this, you are allowed to import one car...

Q: Can I take one 855" tv with the transfer of residence facility by sea cargo

A: Ye, you can take your 855 TV under reduced Customs Duty if you avail a transfer of residence while returning to India. For further more information you can follow the link...

Q: How can i take my car to India . And bring back to UAE after my vacation

A: Rules for Importing a used car to India There are various situations where importing of used cars to India is considered to be the most favorable option such as when a Non-Resident India plans...