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Q: Can an NRI with OCI card approved go back to India and settle down there for life?

A: Once you get approved for OCI, a multiple entry, multi-purpose OCI ‘U’ Visa Sticker will be pasted on your British Passport. This will entitle you to live in India as long as you wish. You can...

Q: Is Section 44ADA of (Indian) Income Tax Act 1961 as updated applicable to RNOR

Q: Is section 44ADA is applicable to RNOR for FY 2016-17

Q: Can an OCI Card holder who has settled down in India since over 5 years claim deductions under Section 80C and 80D while filing IT Returns? If yes, which deductions are they eligible for and upto what limits?

Q: If an NRI plans to return to India, for how long will he/she be considered a Non – Resident Indian

A: As per Indian Law, ‘If a person stays in India for 182 days or more during the current financial year, he/ she will be considered a Resident Indian’. However, you cannot become a Resident of India...