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Q: is it necessory to renew oci card to travel to india

Q: I am OCI card holder and permanently staying in India for the last 12 years. I have a small agricultural land in my village. Can I buy more agricultural land?

Q: How to get passport number of one person by her name?

Q: Hi There, Are we allowed to bring electronic products from Australia to india (Television bought 4 years back)? Will customs allow to bring this to india with out any import tax or customs?

Q: where can I get the application to renew my OCI. I am above 50 years.

Q: I would like to know if Transfer of residence can be availed at Nagpur Airport. is there facility to clear Cargo (Used Household Goods) at Nagpur Airport

Q: How to apply for driving license

A: If you are an NRI and want to apply for Indian driving license then please follow the reference link to know the complete process...

Q: Will custom duty be levied on a new golf set, on return from trip abroad

A: If you are importing it to India the basic customs duty on golf set is 10%, CVD is 12% and spl.CVD is 4%

Q: what will be the customs duty to import a 4 year old self used car from Dubai to India on transfer of residence, if the original cost of the car was equivalent to Rs 12 lacs

A: Transfer Of Residence Rules India NRIs who are returning to India after a stay abroad may avail the “transfer of residence” for permanent settlement. Under this, you are allowed to import one car...

Q: Is any costom duty on PS4 pro vedio game

A: The electronic items which included products such as mobile phones, microwave ovens, electricity meters, video recording devices, and digital cameras, lamps and lighting fixtures which are imported...