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Q: What are the documents required for an NRI to apply for PAN card?

A: Following are the documents an NRI should submit while applying for a PAN card: * 2 recent passport-sized photos * Copy of passport * Overseas address proof-copy and overseas bank statment

Q: How long does it take to get a PAN card for NRI?

A: The maximum time for an NRI to get a PAN card will take around 15-20 days. you will receive to the address of what you have mentioned in the application.

Q: Can an NRI apply for PAN card?

A: Yes, an NRI can apply for a PAN card. NRIs who are Indian citizens have to apply for a PAN by filling form 49A. While NRIs with citizenship of another country need to fill up form 49AA.

Q: I have PIO card issued in 2011like apassport type prints. is it valid to travel to India?

A: *The government of India has notified that all existing PIO card holders shall be deemed to overseas citizens of Indian cardholder (merger of PIO to OCI) *Until applicants are in receipt of an OCI...

Q: How can NRIs do the sale/transfer of shares held by them with repatriation benefits?

A: In the case of shares /debentures /bonds acquired by NRIs through stock exchanges under the Portfolio Investment Scheme, general exemption has been granted for transfer through stock exchanges...

Q: Are NRIs permitted to transfer/sell their shares held on non-repatriation basis to resident freely?

A: Yes. General exemption has been granted by Reserve Bank for transfer/sale of shares/debentures/bonds by NRIs/OCBs through stock exchanges if such transfers are made in favor of an Indian citizen or...

Q: How to convert minor PAN to major PAN card?

A: To change PAN card form from minor to major, you should fill and submit the "Request for new PAN card and/or changes or correction in PAN data" Form. Keep in mind that In order to Link Aadhaar with...

Q: Should we apply for new PAN, in case of PAN information changed?

A: PAN is for life and Individuals can have only ONE PAN. Having more than one PAN is also illegal. In case of change of information of a person who has a PAN, they should not apply for new PAN but...

Q: Can US citizen being of Indian origin get PAN card?

A: Foreign citizens who wish to apply for a PAN need to provide the relevant documents similar to what Indian citizens provide, such as ID proof and proof of address. Fee for foreign PAN applications...

Q: Can we use same PAN card acquired in India after changing citizenship?

A: Since PAN is for life, you should be able to use the same PAN card number to file your taxes in India.