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Q: Can an OCI be given Power Of Attorney?

Q: What is the TDS deducted on NRO fixed deposit interest?

A: The interest on NRO is fully taxable at the rates applicable to Residents. But there is no income threshold under which TDS is not chargeable. However, TDS is applicable to @30.6% and nothing can...

Q: Are NRE savings deposits tax-free and fully repatriable?

A: The interest from NRE account is tax-free in India as long as you are NRI and have not returned to India permanently.

Q: If I invest in Indian mutual funds using a cheque issued from my NRE account, are the gains taxable?

A: The gains are always taxable whether the original amount is repatriable or not. However, long-term capital gains from equity-based schemes (over 65% equity component) are tax exempt.

Q: Are all capital gains fully repatriable?

A: All capital gains from whichever source are repatriable after taxes, if due, have been paid thereon.

Q: How long will it take to process an application?

A: can you please mention the application name which you want to process.

Q: What is the tax treatment for income generated from property selling or renting for NRI?

A: The mere acquisition of property does not attract income tax. However, any income acquiring from the ownership of it, in the form of rent/ annual value of the house (if it is not let out and it is...

Q: How does the double taxation avoidance agreement work in the context of tax on income and capital gains tax paid in India by NRI?

A: India has DTAA's with several countries which give a favorable tax treatment in respect of certain heads of income, However, in case of sale of immovable property, the DTAA with most countries...

Q: When should an NRI file tax returns?

A: If you are an NRI/PIO/OCI, you would have to file your income tax returns if you fulfill either of these conditions. * Your taxable income in India during the year was above the basic exemption...

Q: Who needs to submit Form 10F and Tax Residency Certificate (TRC)?

A: Form 10F and TRC is required to avail the benefit of no TDS. This benefit is only available if the DTAA treaty with the country of your residence specifies that the income is taxable in other...