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Q: Can an OCI be given Power Of Attorney?

Q: How long will it take to process an application?

A: can you please mention the application name which you want to process.

Q: If an Indian Resident die and his executor in India transfer his money (3 crs) to an NRI who is grandson of deceased, whether RBI permission require for transfer of money from deceased or executor account to NRI (USA) in his NRO account in India. Deceased has made will and WILL is probated in Court.

A: Yes, an NRI/PIO can receive a gift from a resident relative. However, the amount cannot exceed the limit prescribed under LRS, i.e., $250,000 per financial year The account can be credited with...

Q: Can NRI buy medical insurance in India?

A: Yes an NRI is eligible to buy medical insurance in India and to do that he should just need a proof of residence, ITR, and other related documents. PIOs can use their Indian passport with other...

Q: Can NRI take life insurance in India?

A: Yes, an NRI is eligible to take life insurance in India. he/she can just apply by filling an additional questionnaire, the same policies offered to resident Indians will be offered to NRIs.

Q: I have PIO card issued in 2011like apassport type prints. is it valid to travel to India?

A: *The government of India has notified that all existing PIO card holders shall be deemed to overseas citizens of Indian cardholder (merger of PIO to OCI) *Until applicants are in receipt of an OCI...

Q: How can NRIs do the sale/transfer of shares held by them with repatriation benefits?

A: In the case of shares /debentures /bonds acquired by NRIs through stock exchanges under the Portfolio Investment Scheme, general exemption has been granted for transfer through stock exchanges...

Q: Are NRIs permitted to transfer/sell their shares held on non-repatriation basis to resident freely?

A: Yes. General exemption has been granted by Reserve Bank for transfer/sale of shares/debentures/bonds by NRIs/OCBs through stock exchanges if such transfers are made in favor of an Indian citizen or...

Q: How to get biometric scan for Aadhaar card from abroad

A: There is no such facility abroad perhaps because NRIs, OCI and PIOs abroad are not supposed to have Aadhaar Cards. Aadhaar it is meant only for Indian or foreign residents of India.

Q: Can gold jewelry be taken on the transfer of residence?

A: No, gold jewelry cannot be taken under transfer of residency, transfer of residence allows duty-free import of used household goods. The only duty-free allowance that can be availed when it comes...