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Q: How can NRIs do the sale/transfer of shares held by them with repatriation benefits?

A: In the case of shares /debentures /bonds acquired by NRIs through stock exchanges under the Portfolio Investment Scheme, general exemption has been granted for transfer through stock exchanges...

Q: Are NRIs permitted to transfer/sell their shares held on non-repatriation basis to resident freely?

A: Yes. General exemption has been granted by Reserve Bank for transfer/sale of shares/debentures/bonds by NRIs/OCBs through stock exchanges if such transfers are made in favor of an Indian citizen or...

Q: Can OCI card holder purchase flat in India

A: OCI card holders can purchase residential and commercial properties in India. But they are not permitted to purchase agricultural land, including farmland or any kind of plantation property.

Q: Can gold jewelry be taken on the transfer of residence?

A: No, gold jewelry cannot be taken under transfer of residency, transfer of residence allows duty-free import of used household goods. The only duty-free allowance that can be availed when it comes...

Q: Is OCI visa compulsory to buy property in India?

A: There is no such to rule to buy property in India.

Q: Is OCI Visa compulsory to own property in India?

A: NRIs living abroad and having property in India can continue to hold their property in India even if they are not OCI Visa holders. Any person of Indian origin generally can buy and hold property...

Q: Can OCI holders buy land to start a business in India?

A: Generally all OCI card holders can purchase immovable property in India and start a business, however there are some exceptions such as a restriction to purchase agricultural land. Some...

Q: Can OCI card holder buy residential property in India?

A: Yes, as an OCI holder she can buy residential or commercial property in India.

Q: Do OCI require PAN number for buying and renting property in India?

A: Yes! a PAN number is required to purchase property in India. While it may be possible in some cases to get exemption from providing PAN by filling FORM 60 Having a PAN certainly makes things...

Q: Can OCI card holder buy property in India?

A: Overseas citizens of India (OCI) can purchase property in India except agricultural land.