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Q: How can i see my passport detailse by passport id nomber

Q: I bought a holiday apartment in Goa with funds from UK. Due to ill health my wife can no longer travel this far. I sold the apartment and money was paid into my NRO account with Axis Bank. I want to Repatriate this money back to UK. My bank is not helpful at all in this matter. How do I go about this transaction please? Thank you and regards, Frederick Stacey

Q: Sir I recently become NRI and converted my pension a/c with SBI to nro s/b a/c.In usa i have no means of income and want to get around $ 1000 transferred and there is a form NRI-11.2 and the first part of application doesn't require any certificates up to Rs 500000/per year.My Bank is refusing the transfer. Can you please guide me about the correct procedure? Thanks and regards


Q: Hello! I have a property related question. I live in USA on Green Card status. I got a piece of residential land from my father vide through court's order. Basically my father (he is still living but wanted to take care of it) divided his property between me and my brother via the court procedure. I do not intend to sell the land right now. Possibly in future I will gift it or sell it to my brother. So for now there is no sale involved. My question is do I need to do any paperwork now like filing Form 3520 or something else? And in future when I decide to either sell or gift it to my brother how will the paperwork look like if gifted vs. sold. Looking for some advice/suggestions as I am not at all familiar with these things but kind of suspect that different approaches could have different financial ramifications. Thank you

Q: I have a commercial property in india . The rent has not been increased since the tenants moved in (over 25 years) what can I do? Can I evict them or increase the rent (tenant will not increase rent)

Q: Can an OCI be given Power Of Attorney?

Q: My nephew works on ship presently ( he is in Merchant Navy) n got salary in USD can he open NRE Account and yes then which bank is perfect for him who gives more value to his revenue

Q: Can NRI become shareholder of producer company

Q: Can residential/commercial property be mortgaged by NRI?

A: The sale proceeds of immovable property acquired by way of gift should be credited to NRO account only. From the balance in the NRO account, NRI/PIO may remit up to USD one million, per financial...