Nativity certificate from Tamil Nadu to apply colleges in Chennai

Question: my birth certificate is issued in Chennai, at present i stay in Bangalore do i need to obtain nativity certificate from Tamil Nadu to apply colleges in Chennai



Raju Kanumuri: The nativity certificate tells that you are of TN origin. This is usually given by the local Tahsildar office.
The nativity certificate requires a sign of VAO (Village Administrative Officer), RI (Revenue Inspector) and Tahsildar. The VAO and RI are supposed to inspect the credibility of your nativity. They require a few of the following things for the process.
.Ration card for address proof
.Active Bank Account under your name or your father's name.
.Property document if applicable
The office may require other proofs. Someone from the office will personally come and verify.
Tamil Nadu Native candidates who have not studied any one of VIII, IX, X, XI and XII Standard or whole in Tamil Nadu needs to submit Nativity Certificate along with the application for TNEA 2018. Digitally signed Nativity e-certificate can be obtained from Deputy Tahsildar/Tahsildar.”

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