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Q: I am an NRI born in Pune ,Maharashtra on 19th May 1946. I am applying for an OCI. I lost my birth certificate . On inquiry in Pune it was confirmed that unfortunately my original birth certificate original was presumed destroyed in the floods in in Pune in 1959. I applied for a Nativity certificate at the District Collector office in Pune. He denied that he can issue this certificate. What can I do ? I have all the documents including my father's passport with my name and date of birth written in it. when he left India in August 1946

Q: I am 69. My US Passport was issued from Seattle, USA on Jan 9, 2017 and my OCI card was issued on May, 15, 2017. Do I need to renew or do anything to my OCI card to visit India ?

Q: How to pay the fees for OCI renewal?

Q: What happens if I receive an I-20 to a different school?

A: If you received an I-20 after scheduling your appointment, then you can inform the U.S. consular officer of the new I-20 at the time of the interview.

Q: Can a person on the dependent visa work in the US?

A: Whether someone on a dependent visa can work in the U.S. depends on the visa category. For instance, H4 dependents cannot work while many L2 dependents can.

Q: Who pays the fraud prevention and detection fee and when do they pay?

A: An applicant for an L-1 visa traveling on a blanket petition must pay the Fraud Prevention and Detection fee. On individual L, H-1B, and H-2B petitions, the U.S. petitioner pays the Fraud...

Q: Can US-based relative sponsor work visa?

A: No, only the employer can sponsor a work visa.

Q: How long can I stay in the US on a tourist or business visa?

A: A U.S. nonimmigrant visa grants you permission to travel to a Port of Entry (airport/seaport) in the United States. When you arrive at your destination Port of Entry, the U.S. Customs and Border...

Q: Can a child born outside the US to lawful permanent resident enter the US?

A: A child born abroad to parents who are U.S. Lawful Permanent Residents may enter the United States without a visa, provided the child is accompanied by a parent, upon that parent's first return to...

Q: If lawful permanent Resident parents leave their newborn child abroad with family members and return to the US and later want the child to join them, what must they do?

A: The child must have an immigrant visa to enter the United States. The Lawful Permanent Resident parent(s) must file an F2A (minor child) or F2B (unmarried child over 21 years old) preference...