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Q: My given name has first and last name. Surname field is empty... also, I am currently in UK. What is the process for correcting the details??

A: Please, can you explain your question clearly, where exactly you want to correct your details whether it is on passport or visa?

Q: What is the fee for OCI card?

A: To apply for new OCI card it costs about $2955 including consultation fee. To apply for OCI card in lieu with PIO card it costs about $20.

Q: I was born 12 may 1963 and oci was issued 11 april 2012 passport due for renewal 2025 do I need to renew my oci ??

A: Usually, OCI cards need to be renewed in the following cases: * For individuals who are less than the age of 20, the OCI documents need to be renewed every time his/her passport is renewed. *...

Q: How do I convert my pio to oci

A: OCI conversion scheme was introduced in 2005 by the Government of India in the light of growing demands by the Non-Resident Indians for the approval of dual citizenship status, The PIO card holders...

Q: I want to know weather my visa is cancelled

Q: How much is the duty-free allowance on gold for Indian passengers?

A: If gold is brought into India in the form of Gold Bars, Biscuits, or Coins, the individual has to pay duty on the entire volume of gold brought in. However, if the individual decides to bring gold...

Q: Can I bring gold coin or biscuit within the allowance amount?

A: No, the allowance is only on gold jewelry. Gold in any other form is liable to pay duty.

Q: What is the maximum amount of gold that I can bring above the duty-free allowance?

A: The maximum amount of gold that you can bring against duty-free allowance is up to 1kg. jewelry can be crude gold or gold biscuits.

Q: What are the customs duty for a passenger to bring gold if he didn't complete six months of stay abroad?

A: The customs duty-free for a passenger if he didn't complete six months of stay abroad is up to 36.05% may be charged.

Q: What is the maximum amount of gold allowed upon payment of duty?

A: A passenger can bring up to 1kg of gold upon payment of customs duty. More than 1kg per passenger is not allowed.