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Q: I came to USA in 2001 at the age of 50 years and subsequently got my US passport in December 2010. and in 2020. Further , within a couple of years, I also received my OCI card. In 2020 I got my renewed US passport . Do I need to get OCI card renewed again as I came to USA at the age of 50 and got my US passport renewed in 2020 ? S Chakraborti

Q: Good residential areas , townhouse community, good school districts in PA with diverse community

Q: i had my OCI in 2019 and now I am 70 years old and I have renewed my passport what should i do should i renew my OCI or what should do Because my old passport no is on OCI

Q: Hello, Can a foreigner living in India ever be regarded by local people as equal?


Q: I was in uae sharjah the company qgm group using my certificate. I could not open nri account. After come back to India they forced me to send my passport. Then they made duplicate passport. And renewed my visa, just because to use my certificate. Now I need justice

Q: I am 72 years old. last year I renewed my British Passport. my wife who is also 72 and renewed her passport in January 2020. We both went to India in January 2020 with our existing OCI but were not questioned that we needed a new OCI. Is this true or do we need to apply for a new OCI.

Q: I want to apply for OCI card I am at USA I am us citizen My questation my Indian old passport lost can I apply for oci card without my Indian passport I have photo copy only for Indian passport. Please help me

Q: I am applying OCI for my 6months old baby in india. I have following doubts. Please clarify 1. It says parents authorisation form need to be signed by both parents and should be notorized. In my case my husband is in US now. So what should I do? Do I need to get notorized here and my husband there ? Is it acceptable? 2. Also is it ok if one parent is present at the time of document verification

Q: Me and my wife are OCI card holders since 2011. Do we have to get new OCI card. Please advise. Thank you Polavarapu