How to check status of OCI application

Question: I have applied for OCI for my wife on 27/11/17 and the appiication was forwarded to CGI Edinburgh on 28/11/17 by VFS Glasgow office. I have not received any message so far and unable to check Status as well.Please guide.
Hardial Singh Bhari 12/02/18?


Raju Kanumuri: Collection Procedure for OCI Cards and Documents:
OCI Cards will be delivered by Post/Courier only once approved and ready. Applicants are required to provide two Self - addressed Special Delivery envelopes (Silver Royal Mail Envelopes) to return the Passport with OCI Card OR you can use the courier service offered at the centre.
Two envelopes per application are required to return the original documents and processed OCI Card. For availing the secured courier service from the centre kindly seek information from the advisor at the application centre . Applicant can check the status of their application
Collection Procedure for approved OCI Cards:
Applicants are required to check the status online and when status shows OCI received in London/Birmingham/Edinburgh on a particular date, the following documents must be submitted to the India Visa and Consular Services Application Centre, where original application was submitted for OCI.
.Acknowledgement receipt of the application.
.Printout of on-line status report.
.British/Foreign Passport in original.
.PIO Card holders should send the Original PIO Card for Cancellation.
.For transfer of OCI visa from old to the new passport: Please send old passport and OCI Visa Card for cancellation and New British/Foreign Passport in order to issue a new OCI Card endorsed with valid Foreign/British passport number.

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