How do NRE, NRO and NRSR accounts differ

Question: How do NRE, NRO and NRSR accounts differ?


Raju Kanumuri: Balances held in NRE accounts can be repatriated abroad freely, whereas funds in NRSR and NRO account cannot be normally remitted abroad but have to be used only for local payments in rupees. Consequently, funds remitted from abroad or local funds which can otherwise be remitted abroad to the accountholder can only be credited to NRE accounts.

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Q: What way an NRI can finance the flat?

A: The purchase of the flats can be financed from the fresh remittance through the normal banking channels or from payment from the original NRI account or from NRE accounts. When the flat is under...

Q: Do NRI require permission to transfer any immovable property in India to a person resident in India?

A: No specific permission is required by NRI to transfer any immovable property in India to a person resident in India.

Q: How should the purchase consideration for acquiring immovable property in India, be met?

A: The purchase consideration should be met either out of inward remittances in foreign exchange through normal banking channels or out of funds from NRI maintained with banks in India.

Q: What is the position regarding the refund of the purchase consideration on account of non-allotment of flats/ plots/ cancellation of bookings/ deals in respect of immovable property purchased by NRI in India

A: With a view to credit to NRE/FCNR account of refund of purchase considerations by the seller on account of cancellation of bookings for purchase of residential, commercial property, RBI clarified...