How do NRE, NRO and NRSR accounts differ

Question: How do NRE, NRO and NRSR accounts differ?


Raju Kanumuri: Balances held in NRE accounts can be repatriated abroad freely, whereas funds in NRSR and NRO account cannot be normally remitted abroad but have to be used only for local payments in rupees. Consequently, funds remitted from abroad or local funds which can otherwise be remitted abroad to the accountholder can only be credited to NRE accounts.

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Q: What about debts to FCNR accounts for local payments?

A: Debts for local payments are allowed freely.

Q: Are the interest rates on FCNR deposits liable for periodic revision?

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Q: What is the maximum period of maturity for an FCNR(B) term deposit accounts?

A: FCNR accounts can be opened for a maximum of five years.