How can I revoke General Power of Attorney issued to my brother in India

Question: How can I revoke General Power of Attorney issued to my brother in India. I am staying in Dubai. ?


Raju Kanumuri: There are five simple steps to revoke your Power of Attorney. These are:
*Draft a Power of Attorney Revocation deed. You could consult a trained lawyer for this.
*If the Power of Attorney issued by you had been notarized, you will need to get the Revocation deed notarized as well.
*Send a copy to the designated person. Ideally, you should do this by registered post so that you have proof that he/she has received it.
*Send a copy of the revocation deed to all the institutions and banks where the designated person has conducted transactions for you. For further more queries you can follow the link
*Also, send a copy to the deed registry office where you had initially issued the Power of Attorney. In all of this, also make sure that you have a copy of the document as well.

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