Can NRIs purchase existing shares/debentures

Question: Can NRIs purchase existing shares/debentures of Indian companies by private arrangement?


Raju Kanumuri: Yes. Reserve Bank permits NRIs, on application in form FNC 7, to purchase shares/debentures of existing Indian companies on non-repatriation basis. An undertaking about non-repatriation is to be given in form NRU.

Source : Reserve Bank Of India

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Q: What is meant by investment through direct subscription route?

A: As per the regulations NRIs are allowed to invest up to a certain percentage of the total paid up capital of the company by directly subscribing to the equity/convertible debentures of the company...

Q: Can NRIs invest in shares, debentures and units of mutual funds in India?

A: NRIs are permitted to make direct investments in share/debentures of Indian companies/ units of mutual funds. They are also permitted to make portfolio investments i.e. shares/debentures of Indian...

Q: What is the status of NRO/NRE accounts on the return of the account holder to India?

A: RBI has advised to re-designate such accounts on the return of the account holder to India.

Q: What steps an NRI needs to take to start investing in the Indian stock market?

A: * An NRI should open a new bank account (NRO/NRE or both) with the designated bank which is approved by RBI. * He should apply for a general approval for investments in the Indian stock market...