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Q: I am 72 years old. last year I renewed my British Passport. my wife who is also 72 and renewed her passport in January 2020. We both went to India in January 2020 with our existing OCI but were not questioned that we needed a new OCI. Is this true or do we need to apply for a new OCI.

Q: I want to apply for OCI card I am at USA I am us citizen My questation my Indian old passport lost can I apply for oci card without my Indian passport I have photo copy only for Indian passport. Please help me

Q: A propery in India (under a NRI sole name who husband is a PIO) needs to be fully registered in their name because it has been 12 years plus since the utilities is in the renters/lodgers name and they are planning to take it over due to this point (adverse posession). But due to covid19 virus cannot do so and does not have any trusted individual's to help. How can we get around this otherwise? Pls I need urgent help advice around this point. Many thanks Pls email me on

Q: I am OCI card holder and permanently staying in India for the last 12 years. I have a small agricultural land in my village. Can I buy more agricultural land?

Q: I am applying OCI for my 6months old baby in india. I have following doubts. Please clarify 1. It says parents authorisation form need to be signed by both parents and should be notorized. In my case my husband is in US now. So what should I do? Do I need to get notorized here and my husband there ? Is it acceptable? 2. Also is it ok if one parent is present at the time of document verification

Q: Me and my wife are OCI card holders since 2011. Do we have to get new OCI card. Please advise. Thank you Polavarapu

Q: Process for Marriage Certificate registration for OCI Card Holder ?

Q: How to get passport number of one person by her name?

Q: How to Get Aadhar Card for NRI - 30-10-2017 By videshi seems pretty old info..Can u update it with latest? Kind of misleading info if someone stumbles on this site..take it down if u are not maintaining it..

Q: Sir I recently become NRI and converted my pension a/c with SBI to nro s/b a/c.In usa i have no means of income and want to get around $ 1000 transferred and there is a form NRI-11.2 and the first part of application doesn't require any certificates up to Rs 500000/per year.My Bank is refusing the transfer. Can you please guide me about the correct procedure? Thanks and regards