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Q: How I check domicile certificate status

Q: How can I revoke General Power of Attorney issued to my brother in India. I am staying in Dubai.

Q: I am planning to take desktop monitor to India. Did i need tonpay tax for it?

Q: My mother has an OCI card . Can I also get an OCI card if I have citizenship of Nepal?

Q: I am on a visit visa to NewZealand & Australia.Can I bring a camera worth Rs 35000 without paying any duty?

Q: Can I bring a camera worth Rs 35000/-.I am on a visit visa to NewZealand & Australia.Iam a citizen of India.

Q: Do any documents need to be filed with RBI after property purchase?

A: An NRI / PIO who has purchased residential/commercial property under general permission is not required to file any documents with the Reserve Bank.

Q: Can residential/commercial property be mortgaged?

A: i) NRI / PIO can mortgage to: (a) an authorized dealer/housing finance institution in India without the approval of Reserve Bank. (b) a party abroad - with prior approval of Reserve Bank. (c) a...

Q: How can an NRI/PIO make payment for the purchase of the residential/commercial property in India?

A: Payment can be made by NRI / PIO out of (a) funds remitted to India through normal banking channel or (b) funds held in NRE / FCNR(B) / NRO account maintained in India. No payment can be made...

Q: Can a person who had brought immovable property when he was a resident, continue to hold such property even after becoming an NRI/PIO?

A: Yes, he can continue to hold the residential/commercial property / agricultural land/ plantation property/farm house in India without the approval of the Reserve Bank.