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Q: Can Indian company take a loan from a foreign bank?

A: Yes, an Indian company can borrow loans in foreign currency from a foreign bank. These are known as foreign currency term loans or external commercial borrowings.

Q: What are the documents required for a home loan for NRI?

A: The following are the documents required to get home loans for an NRI: * Employer Identity Card * Attested copy of passport and visa * Address proof mentioning the current overseas address *...

Q: Can NRI take a loan against property?

A: Yes an NRI can take a loan to buy residential/commercial property in India. Many prominent lending institutions in the country offer the facility of loan against the property to NRI's at attractive...

Q: Can NRI get a loan in India?

A: Yes an NRI can get a personal loan in India. Personal loan for NRIs is a good option to receive quick financing for different requirements.

Q: Is salary received in NRE account taxable?

A: Remittance made in foreign currency to NRE account cannot be considered as income received in India. Income earned by the NRI is not taxed at every point of receipt.

Q: Do I have to pay taxes on money earned overseas?

A: If you are an NRI and working in a foreign country, the rules for filing tax returns and paying taxes are generally the same. However, you may qualify to claim a foreign income exclusion.

Q: Is NRE account interest taxable in India?

A: Interest on NRE deposits is taxable for residents. For an NRI interest earned on NRE deposits is exempt from tax in India.

Q: Should NRI file income tax returns in India

A: NRI is not required to file income tax returns in India if he has no income arising in India. NRI should file ITR if the taxable income exceeds the basic exemption limit of Rs. 2.5 lakhs during a...

Q: Can NRE account be converted to resident account?

A: An NRI is not allowed to convert NRE account to savings account. If you have returned to India and became a resident as per FEMA rules then you can convert NRE account to resident savings account...

Q: Under what circumstances can investments made under PIS be repatriated?

A: The repatriation of the sale proceeds, net of taxes, are allowed if the original purchase was made on repatriation basis and such investments were made out of funds from NRE/FCNR account or by...