NRI Guide

NRI Returning To India

A lot of NRIs, PIOs and OCI holders are planning a return to India, and with good reason. Not only will you have the comfort of being in your country of origin, India is also the second cheapest country in the world with a rapidly growing economy.

How To Get Indian Citizenship For Foreigner

Who are seeking to acquire Indian citizenship for foreigner, would be worried about the long procedures that await them. You should know that the entire process is far simpler when compared to many other countries in the world today.

Duty Free Allowance In India Guide

Customs duty-free rules in India would be simplified to increase the free baggage allowance for NRIs, PIOs and foreigners travelling to India.

School Syllabus In India

Selecting a school is a crucial decision for your child’s life. This is because it prepares the educational base for your child. The fact is that every parent wants their child to get the best education.

International Schools Curriculum In India

With increasing rate of global mobility and transfers resulting from change of jobs, numerous families are across countries. Many families are moving to India from different countries around the world. For this reason, there has been a huge increase in th

Tips For NRI Returning To India

Assuming you have been in USA or any other foreign country for long enough time then you would have changed a lot and you can expect the same in India your home country or may be or may not be. Here are few tips to prepare you for the big move.