OCI Renewal Process

OCI or Overseas Citizenship of India is a card or rather recognition provided to individuals who have migrated to other countries from India barring countries like Pakistan and India. Such a recognition helps the migrated Indians to earn a kind of dual citizenship (though India does not allow its citizens to hold dual citizenship) if permitted by the home countries of the individual applicants

OCI Renewal Process After 50 Years

According to the official website of Overseas Citizenship of India or OCI, an applicant requires renewing his/her individual OCI card once he/she completes fifty years of age. According to some sources, the renewal process of an individual’s OCI card need not be started as soon as the individual completes fifty years old. Such renewal process is linked to the renewal process of the individual’s passport. Renewal of OCI card thus needs to be applied for after the issuance of renewed passport which coincides with the applicant’s attainment of the age of fifty years. Further, in case the applicant who has reached the age of fifty years, has applied for the issuance of a passport for the first time, need not apply for the re-issuance of OCI documents again.

The process of renewal of OCI documents once the individual attains the age of fifty years or in case the individual needs to renew or re-issue his/her OCI documents because of any reason, is quite easy and convenient. The Government of India’s external affairs ministry has tried to ease out such processes by making the system online.

OCI Renewal Checklist

The process of applying for a renewal and re-issuance of OCI documents is easy. The applicants can apply for the same online. The process of re-issue of OCI documents come under the scope of miscellaneous services under the OCI services provided by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. The individual applicant’s trying to apply for the renewal or re-issue of OCI documents simply need to follow the below mentioned steps to help them through the process conveniently.

  • Log on to passport.gov
  • On this page, there would be an option mentioning “Click Here to Proceed”. This would take the applicant to the next step.
  • On the next page, the applicant needs to select the option of OCI Miscellaneous Services

In order to access the application form for re-issue of OCI documents, the applicant needs to fill in at least one/all of the following details:

  • U-Visa number
  • OCI Registration number
  • OCI File number
  • Once the application form filling process starts, the applicant merely needs to follow the instructions provided by the user interface of the website.
  • In the due process of the application filling process, the applicant needs to provide the following details. Therefore, it would be convenient for the applicant to keep the requisite details handy while proceeding with the application procedure.
  • Passport number (As shown on original OCI Card)
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Mother’s name
  • Once these basic details match the originally filled in details of the OCI Card, the applicant receives the access to the application form.
  • After getting such access, the applicant needs to carefully choose the service required and fill in the requisite details matching the service required.
  • After completing the online submission of the application form, a printable version of the application is generated. This has the application reference number and the detailed instruction regarding the further process of application.
  • This printable version of the application form needs to be duly signed by the applicant. The applicant also needs to paste a recent passport sized photograph on the form and send it to the Indian Consulate of the applicant’s jurisdiction.
  • If the applicant happens to be in India, the form needs to be sent to Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO).
  • The re-issuance or renewal application of OCI card currently incurs a fee of USD 28 or an equivalent amount in the local currency. In case an outsourcing company is involved to complete the process, an additional small charge also needs to be borne by the applicant which is usually USD 12 in USA.

When Must OCI Documents be Renewed

Usually, OCI cards need to be renewed in the following cases:

  • For individuals who are less than the age of 20, the OCI documents need to be renewed every time his/her passport is renewed.
  • For individuals who are more than the age of 49, OCI documents need to be renewed or re-issued while a new passport is being issued to them. However, an exemption to this is such individuals who get their passports for the first time after attaining the age of fifty. Such individuals need not get their OCI documents re-issued and renewed since the OCI card is issued fresh to them.
  • For individuals between the age group of 21 to 49, there is no stringent guideline o re-issue or renewing the OCI documents each time a new passport is issued to them. However, the process of renewal or re-issue of OCI documents can be done simply in order to have the updated passport number in them.
  • Apart from these, OCI documents need to be re-issues or renewed in case:
  • There is any change in any particulars of the individual.
  • There is any need to rectify or correct any personal detail or particular mentioned in the OCI document.
  • There is any change of address or occupation.
  • There is any loss or damage of the OCI booklet and/or the passport of the individual.

OCI Online Application

The government of India is continually promoting digital services and is implementing digital technology wherever possible starting from filing of taxes to helping the NRI’s obtaining OCI documents. The entire process of applying for an OCI card to re-issuance or renewal of OCI documents whenever necessary can be easily done following the easy to operate procedure on the OCI website.

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