NRI Returning To India

Reverse Immigration

You may be surprised to know that reverse immigration to India is the new trend. A lot of NRIs, PIOs, and OCI holders are planning a return to India, and with good reason. Not only will you have the comfort of being in your country of origin, but India is also the second cheapest country in the world with a rapidly growing economy. Many developed countries in Europe and America are planning to implement laws like the RAISE Act Immigration, which will put many immigrant families in unease. In such a global situation, reverse immigration is picking up the pace. We have curated the essential guideline to make your return to India smooth and painless.

Why Many NRIs Are Reverse-Immigrating To India?

Most NRIs will decide to move back to India based on their personal situations. However, some of the common reasons we hear from those reverse immigrating to India include:

  • Economic slowdown in developed countries of Europe and America
  • The rapid economic growth in India offers ample opportunities for highly skilled workers and white-collar jobs.
  • Many NRIs want to raise their kids in India due to the cultural differences abroad. Your kids will be attuned to your culture if you raise them in India.
  • Presence and support of close relatives and family friends in India
  • Life in urban India is replete with all kinds of cultural activities for your entire family, no matter what your interests are.
  • India is one of the cheapest countries to live in. You will be able to enjoy a better lifestyle with lesser income.
  • Legislations like the RAISE Act in USA plan to cut off visas and green cards for family members of highly skilled workers, leaving many NRIs unsure about their future in developed countries.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of NRIs Moving Back To India

There are several advantages of NRIs moving back to India, most of which have been listed above. Some of the disadvantages of living in India include:

  • High pollution rates
  • Poor urban planning leading to cramped cities
  • Traffic jams and lack of quality public transport can make your commutes very tiring and tedious.
  • It may take some time for your family, especially kids, to adjust to the lifestyle, culture, and food in India.

What Are The Job Prospects In India?

If you are planning to move back, the first thing you will need is employment. The start-up economy in India is currently booming, and opportunities are aplenty. In addition, you are also likely to get funding for your own start-up. The earlier you start job-hunting, the better.

How to Get your Aadhar Card and PAN Card?

You will definitely need an Aadhar card and PAN card before living in India. You can file for these online before your arrival. You will need PAN to pay your taxes, and you will need an Aadhar card for almost everything from opening new bank accounts, getting your gas and electricity connection and applying for universities in India.

How To Get An OCI Card For Your Family?

If you are not an Indian passport holder, you should get an OCI card for your family. This will allow you multiple, visa-free entries and will allow you to work in India. You can apply for this online as well.

How To Manage Your Possessions And Ship Them To India Before Leaving?

Before you leave, make sure you sell all the assets you won’t need. It is ideal to sell your cars and house before leaving. You can ship essential possessions like TV, Fridge, Washing Machines to India and you will receive a cut on excise duty if you are immigrating back to India. Ensure you are aware of how much it will cost you before deciding whether to ship or sell your household items.

How to Send your Money to India?

Make sure you do not leave any bad debts in your country of residence as this may come back to haunt you later. Once this is done, you can send all your money to India and watch your savings rise as it is converted to rupees. You can get in touch with a reliable remittance company to handle this for you.

How To Prepare For The New Lifestyle Awaiting you In India?

While this may be an exciting new phase in your life, you will have a brand-new lifestyle in India. Whether it is sending your kids to top-rated international schools in the city or hiring a personal tutor for your children, this will all take some time. Allow your family the time to adjust to the new environment. Initially, you will have to spend a lot of time getting your internet and gas connections and other essentials around the household. Many NRIs are happy to move back because they can afford to keep a maid, a chauffeur, a gardener, all at lower rates. This will also help a lot of Indians from a poorer background.

You should have a smooth transition to India once you are clear about the various things you will have to deal with. We hope that this article has made your return to India much easier. Reverse immigration has never been so tempting or easy.

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