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Important Indian Government Websites For NRIs

We have listed the Indian government website for NRI that provide important policies, processes and other useful information.  
Government PortalView
NRI Passport ApplicationGo now
Passport SevaGo now
Reserve Bank of IndiaGo now
Overseas Citizen of IndiaGo now
Ministry of External AffairsGo now
Income Tax of IndiaGo now
Birth and Death RegistrationGo now

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Q: How to transfer money from NRO account to NRE account?

A: To be able to transfer funds from NRO to NRE account, the following documents are required: •Letter requesting transfer of funds issued to the bank where the accounts are held •FEMA declaration...

Q: How to apply for OCI when living in India?

A: To apply for OCI from India: Applying for OCI involves two steps. One is an online application form and the other part involves printing the online form, attaching the required documentary proof...

Q: OCI eligibility for minor children where parents are Indian citizens?

A: Prior to January 6, 2015 the rules stated that at least one parent had to be a foreign national for a minor to apply for OCI. Now minor children where both parents are Indian citizens can apply for...

Q: Customs duty exemption in India for NRIs

A: The duty exemptions that NRIs get in India for customs duty are under the ‘Transfer of Residency’ section. Under Transfer of residency, NRIs who have stayed abroad for at least two years...