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Important Indian Government Websites For NRIs

We have listed the Indian government website for NRI that provide important policies, processes and other useful information.  
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NRI Passport Application Go now
Passport Seva Go now
Reserve Bank of India Go now
Overseas Citizen of India Go now
Ministry of External Affairs Go now
Income Tax of India Go now
Birth and Death Registration Go now

Related Questions

Q: Can an NRI investor register a nominee?

A: Yes, an NRI investor can register a nominee.

Q: Can a POA (Power Of Attorney) invest on behalf of an NRI investor?

A: Yes, A POA has the authority to invest on behalf of the NRI investor and sign documents for initial and additional purchases as well as redemptions. While applying for purchase of units, the POA...

Q: What is the proof of Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)?

A: A TDS certificate is issued in the name of the first unit holder mentioning the details of the transaction and the tax deducted.

Q: How will the redemption process be paid?

A: Redemption proceeds are paid by a cheque payable to the first holder. The proceeds will be payable in Indian rupees. A tax shall be deducted at source.