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Important Indian Government Websites For NRIs

We have listed the Indian government website for NRI that provide important policies, processes and other useful information.  
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NRI Passport Application Go now
Passport Seva Go now
Reserve Bank of India Go now
Overseas Citizen of India Go now
Ministry of External Affairs Go now
Income Tax of India Go now
Birth and Death Registration Go now

Related Questions

Q: How can an NRI send a rupee draft to a beneficiary in India?

A: You can give instructions to your bank to issue rupee draft through online and the draft will be issued in India and couriered directly to the beneficiary within 2 working days.

Q: Can an NRI deposit a foreign currency cheque or draft at any bank in India?

A: Yes an NRI can deposit foreign currency cheque or draft at an NRI service center in India. since the draft is sent overseas for collection it would take between 14 to 21 days to credit the proceeds...

Q: Can an NRI repatriate money from inheritances?

A: Inheritance proceeds of assets other than property can also be remitted by an NRI along with other remittances allowed out of NRO accounts.

Q: Can an NRI repatriate money from property and investment income?

A: All forms of current income arising out of investments in India are repatriable. This includes income by way of interest, dividends, rentals, etc. Current income is repatriable even if the asset...