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New Immigration Rules Saudi Arabia

New immigration policies are some of the major steps towards new resources. Saudi Arabia has decided that tourism should be one of the major industries participating in the country’s economy.

US Customs Questions At The Airport

US has strict strict customs and immigration checking counter. Such officials would make sure that the visitors are not carrying anything harmful or illegal within the country. Therefore the visitors need to understand the rules and regulations well befor

How to Apply Passport For Infants?

A Passport is a very important document, more so in order to prove and certify the identity of the passport holder. This identity proof is an official document issued by the government of the country of residence of the individual passport holder. This of

How to Get Study Visa for USA?

Any individual from any foreign country who wishes to enter the borders of United States of America for any purpose needs to obtain a requisite visa. The visas can be non immigrant visa if the visitors want to stay temporarily or else they can obtain immi

How to Change Surname in Passport

Passport of an individual is the most important identity proof. Name becomes the most important component of the identity proof. However, there are situations when one needs to change the name in the passport such as when a woman gets married or divorced.