How to Apply Passport For Infants?

Infant Passport Application

A passport is a very important document, more so in order to prove and certify the identity of the passport holder. This identity proof is an official document issued by the government of the country of residence of the individual passport holder. This official identity proof becomes even more important when the individual passport holder needs to travel to and from a foreign country.

Newborn Baby Passport Requirements

In case of traveling within the country with a newborn baby (infants under the age of two years) valid proof of age and identification such as a birth certificate or passport needs to be carried. But in the case of international travel, the infant or a minor child needs to have a valid passport during the travel and during the stay at a foreign land.

Minimum Age for Passport in India

There is no minimum age for applying for an Indian passport. Even a day old baby can apply for a minor passport after furnishing the requisite documents (as mentioned below) if need be.

Documents Required for Applying Passport for Infants

While applying for a new passport or even a reissue of a passport, all individuals need to fulfill the mandatory requirements of filling in the prescribed form with all the details and submit the same along with a mandatory list of documents. In the case of minors, especially infants, the following documents need to be submitted to apply passport for infants:

  • A copy of the Valid Birth Certificate issued by a Municipal Authority or any such office which has been authorized by the Central/State Government
  • Valid proof of present address such as a passport of the parents (in case passport of the parent/s is submitted, it suffices as a valid proof of address too), utility bills (electricity, fixed line telephone connection, or gas connection), Aadhar card, or Voter ID card of the parents.
  • Valid Indian Passport of both or either of the parents (preferably with the spouse name endorsed on it)
  • Declaration signed by the parents of the infant/minor for the issuance of a passport to a minor/infant (Annexure H/G as the scenario may be).
  • A passport size photo of the infant (for children above the age of 2, the photograph would be taken by the passport office) with white background.
  • Passport receipt form obtained after submitting the passport online.

How to Apply Passport for Infant in India?

Application for issuance of a passport for infants or newborn babies is easy in India. The following steps need to be followed in order to make the process smooth and easy:

Obtain A Valid Birth Certificate: It is mandatory to register every birth and death in India. Thus, once a child is born, it is almost inevitable to apply for a birth certificate. This birth certificate is the most important identity and age proof of the child which would be useful even in the future. This birth certificate is usually issued by the municipal office of the location of the birth of the baby or any other government body which has been deputed to discharge such duties. The process might take around two weeks to a month.

Register An Account On The Indian Passport Office’s Official Website: You need to log on to and register a new account. During this process, the exact location and address of the Passport Seva Kendra would have to be located which would also become the appointment center for the passport interview. Other details such as a valid email address also need to be provided. Once the registration process is complete, an email is sent which would contain the link to activate your account. Upon successful activation, the online passport application registration process can be initiated. The fee needs to be paid during the online application process.

Visit The Passport Seva Kendra On The Pre-Decided Date Of Appointment: During the passport application registration process, the individual needs to choose a date and time when he or she would be available to be personally present at the selected Passport Seva Kendra for the further proceedings. In this case, even the minor or the infant needs to be present. Direct walk-in is permitted for passport applications made by senior citizens and infants. Thus they might not even take a prior appointment. In case an online appointment has been taken, it is important to carry a print out of the appointment receipt while visiting the Passport Seva Kendra.

Passport Application Online For Infants

Just as in case of any other passport application, a passport application for a minor can also be submitted online. However, in the case of online submission, the parents along with the infant need to visit a Passport Seva Kendra situated in the locality or nearby, just as in any other case of passport application. The parents of the infant, however, need to take a print out of Annexure D from the passport Seva Kendra website and sign it duly. This annexure long with the list of documents mentioned above and the printed copy of the Passport Seva Kendra receipt needs to be taken while going for passport application appointment at the Passport Seva Kendra. It should be remembered that such an appointment is taken online while submitting the application form.

Online Passport Application Fee For Infants

Any passport application whether a new passport or re-issue needs to be accompanied with the requisite passport fees. The passport fees depend on some factors such as:

  • The Urgency Of Issue: Passports can be issued on a regular or on a tatkal basis
  • Number Of Leaf In The Passport: The passport can be of 15 or 30 leaves depending on the frequency of travel
  • In case of minors, passport fees also depend on the age of the minor (different validity period since once the minor turns 18 years of age, he or she needs to apply for a fresh passport individually).

Thus based on such different factors, the online passport application fee for the minors would be as below:

Applicant’s Age
Regular Passport Fee
Tatkal Passport Fee
Less than 15 years
INR 1000
INR 3000
15-18 years
INR 1000
INR 3000

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