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How To Change Date Of Birth On Passport Legally

The correction of date of birth in Indian passport is definitely possible, in the event that a wrong DOB in passport is printed. However, the process is being continually modified by the Ministry of External Affairs, and it is ideal that you keep abreast

How To Get International Driving License in India

Many are unsure whether they can get international driving license in India. Further, there are also some confusion regarding the documents required for international driving license in India, the validity of International Driving License in India and the

OCI Status Enquiry

If you hold a foreign passport, but you are Indian by descent or birth, then you may be eligible to get an OCI card. The Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card allows you multiple, visa-free entries into India, and encourages persons of Indian origin to par

Difference Between FATCA and FBAR

Know the primary difference between FATCA and FBAR, and these are the two methods adopted by the US government in an effort to perhaps combat tax evasion by hiding assets/income abroad

How to Renounce US Citizenship

If you are planning to renounce your US citizenship in favor of an Indian citizenship, you have come to the right place for information. Here, you will be taken through all the relevant information to you like the renounce US citizenship consequences, how

When Should NRI File Tax Return in India

when should NRI file tax return? You should know that this procedure is not too complicated. In addition, you may have many queries regarding NRI tax filing online and the tax rates for NRI in Indian income. In order to clear up many of your queries, we h

How To Cancel Power of Attorney in India

There are procedures in place that will allow you to cancel Power of Attorney in India. Not only that, there are provisions of the law which will allow you to cancel the Power of Attorney in India from USA or from other countries abroad. To put all your d

Taxation Rules on NRI Properties in India

Many NRIs wonder what is the tax on NRI property in India. You should know that as an NRI, there are several measures you can take to not only avoid double taxation, but also avail the NRI income tax exemption that is available to you.

Tips for NRI Buying Property India

NRIs buying property in India is fast becoming a trend now. In India, property prices have been appreciating for the past few years. NRIs buying property in India are at an advantage because of the depreciation of the rupee against the dollar.

Best NRI Banking Services in India

If you have been confused about what is NRI banking or what are the NRI banking services in India that are available to you, then you have definitely come to the right place. We have collected all the information you would need to make a clear decision ab