NRI Guide

US Customs Questions At The Airport

US has strict strict customs and immigration checking counter. Such officials would make sure that the visitors are not carrying anything harmful or illegal within the country. Therefore the visitors need to understand the rules and regulations well befor

FEMA Guidelines For Outward Remittance

Every country has its own guidelines on the money going in and going out. This includes India which is a country known for its economic thrives. The country has a legislation known as the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) that is in charge of regulat

What Happens When You Declare Money At Customs?

International traveler need to mandatory undergo customs check while traveling through international passages and flights. They often are searched well and are asked various questions including question regarding the money that they are carrying. Every co

How To Exchange Indian Rupee To US Dollar In USA

With the growing population of visitors (for various reasons such as education, career, and medical, among others) to USA from India, there has been a growing need of exchanging Indian Rupee into US dollar. Many a times, it is not possible to carry the re

Checklist For Travelling To USA From India

Every country has mandated instructions for any visitor visiting the country which needs to be followed by the visitors in order to avoid any discomfort or complication in the distant land. While packing the bags for USA the first time travelers from Indi

Temporary Green Card Travel Restrictions

Green Card or a Permanent Resident Card is issued to all the permanent residents of USA which serves as a proof that the holder of the card is authorized to live and work in the United States. If a resident of USA is a permanent resident and is of 18 year

How To Repatriate Money From NRO Account?

Repatriation of funds becomes necessary when an individual settled outside India has some immovable assets which he or she would like to dispose and/or returns from some financial assets in India which the individual wants to repatriate. Such act of repat

How to Apply Passport For Infants?

A Passport is a very important document, more so in order to prove and certify the identity of the passport holder. This identity proof is an official document issued by the government of the country of residence of the individual passport holder. This of

Do Foreign Banks Report to IRS?

Yes, the Foreign Banks do report to the IRS. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), passed in 2010 makes it mandatory for any foreign financial institution to report information regarding the account of all US citizens (whether living in US or abroad

How to Get Study Visa for USA?

Any individual from any foreign country who wishes to enter the borders of United States of America for any purpose needs to obtain a requisite visa. The visas can be non immigrant visa if the visitors want to stay temporarily or else they can obtain immi