Temporary Green Card Stamp On Passport

Temporary Green Card Stamp on Passport

A green card is a legal document proving the identity, legality, and validity of the presence of an individual in the USA. Green Cards are issued only to individual immigrants who are successful in gaining the legal permanent resident status in USA and therefore can stay in USA permanently. However, there are situations where an individual is granted a temporary conditional Green Card status, such as an immigrant getting married to a USA citizen or a permanent resident of USA, where the temporary green card stamp on passport is provided of the individual based on certain conditions.

What is A Temporary Green Card Stamp On Passport?

  • Temporary Green Card Stamp on Passport indicates that the individual holder of such a passport has lawful resident status in USA temporarily, usually for a definite period of time such as one year. Such passports are usually machine-readable immigrant visa (MRIV) which usually has a stamp inscribed on the passport of the individual holder which states that “Upon Endorsement Serves As Temporary I-551 Evidencing Permanent Residence for 1 Year.”
  • Such a Temporary I-551 stamp endorsed passport is usually provided to a new immigrant when he or she first enters the USA. The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) department usually stamp the passport with such an admission stamp indicating that the immigrant has permanent resident status in the US and also mentions the date of entry in the USA for the new immigrant.
  • The individual’s foreign passport with the MRIV stamp is evidence that such an individual has permanent residence status for 1 year in the US from the date of admission. Even if the MRIV is issued without the statement “FOR 1 YEAR,” the individuals need to treat the MRIV as an acceptable list a document which is valid for one year from the date of admission.

Who Will Get A Temporary Green Card Stamp On Passport?

There are various grounds and cases in which such Temporary Green Card Stamp on the passport is provided. An individual can usually qualify to get such a stamp:

  • Through Marriage with a United States citizen
  • Working in the United States
  • By agreeing to share the professional expertise with professionals in the United States
  • By agreeing to set up an entrepreneurial venture or stay in USA as an entrepreneur
  • In case the individual has been a member of the United States Armed Forces

Such a Temporary Green Card Stamp on a passport can further be used to apply for permanent resident status in the USA. A qualified immigration attorney can help the individual do the same in case all other necessary conditions are fulfilled. Such an attorney can further help the individual chose the best option for applying for a permanent status too. I-551 stamp is also required in case any individual holding a permanent resident status has lost his/her Green Card especially within the USA. He/she immediately needs such a stamp in order to stay and work within the USA.

How To Get A Temporary Green Card Stamp On Passport?

In order to get an I-551 stamp which is a temporary evidence of permanent resident status for any individual in his or her passport, the individual needs to first schedule an InfoPass appointment (by visiting my.uscis.gov appointment) at the nearest USCIS Field Office (search the list of USCIS Field Offices, go to www.uscis.gov) in his/her state. During the appointment, the individual needs to ask the USCIS information officer to stamp the I-551 in his/her passport stating a valid reason for doing so. In case the individual has lost his/her Green Card, then the individual need to bring the receipt notice for his/her I-90, which is an Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card, and the corresponding InfoPass appointment notice while coming for the appointment.