Telugu Associations In USA

Telugu associations in USA

With the influx of Indians into USA due to various career opportunities (especially in the field of Information Technology) or educational avenues, it is imperative that the affinity between finding people from the same community in a distant land would be a top priority. After all, who doesn’t want to interact in their own mother tongue and share the same cultural values and beliefs even if they are temporarily or permanently settled outside their hometown and country altogether? This has given rise to various associations based upon language, region, and religion, even in the USA.

Benefits Of Such Associations

Such regional and cultural associations in distant land help the members of the association in various ways. Some of the important benefits of such associations include:

  • Such associations provide a sense of oneness to all the members of the association in a distant land like the USA
  • Such associations help in the holistic development of the children of the members of the association by inculcating the inherent value of the region in India and thus they would no more be an alien to their root culture
  • Such associations help the members keep in touch with their roots and speak their language and practice their traditions together, thus not making them feel lonely in the distant land
  • Such associations help the members at times of need and they do not feel lonely in USA
  • Such associations are also a great place for networking for like-minded people within USA
  • Such associations also help and contribute together towards the development of their regions, whether in distress or not (like tsunamis, floods, and earthquakes), back in India whenever required.
  • Whether Holi, Diwali, or any other festival of the region, all the members of the associations gather together to celebrate and enjoy together thus multiplying their happiness and efficacy of celebrations altogether.

Telugu Associations In USA

Among all the regional associations, the influx of Telugus in USA due to the Information Technology has been commendable. Therefore there is an inevitable need for Telugu Associations in USA. Some of the important Telugu Associations in USA include:

American Telugu Association

American Telugu Association (ATA) has been into operations since the early 1990s. One of the primary purposes of ATA is assistance and promotion of educational, literary, economic, cultural, social, health, and community activities of the people of Telugu origin. Apart from this, ATA is also committed to promoting exchange programs for professionals and students of Telugu origin between the USA, Canada and India. The main headquarters is in Naperville, Illinois

Address:  P O Box 4496, Naperville, Illinois 60567

2. Telangana American Telugu Association

This is the first Telangana (also the youngest because of the recent formation of the 29th state of India - Telangana) organization, launched in the year 2015, in North America. This non-profit organization is committed to preserving and promoting the socio-cultural temperament of the Telangana community in the US and Canada. This association is also frequently referred to as a charitable organization. 

Address: Irving Convention Center, Las Colinas, Dallas Texas

3. Telugu Association of North America

Telugu Association of North America (TANA), founded in 1977 and incorporated in 1978 is the oldest Indo American Organization of people of Telugu origin in North America. TANA is a not-for-profit organization which has been promoting and identifying social, cultural and educational needs of members of the Telugu Community in North America.

Address: 26233 Taft RD, Novi, Michigan 48374

4. North America Telugu Association

Registered in Princeton, New Jersey in November 2010, this association has been involved in promoting cultural, social and other community services such as assistance to a student of Telugu community apart from working towards preserving and promoting Telugu language and heritage in the US and across the globe.

Address: 5 Independence Way #300, Princeton, New Jersey 08540

Apart from these prominent Telugu associations in USA, there are Telugu associations of individual states in USA such as Telugu Association of Tucson Arizona, Arizona Telugu Association, Arkansas Telugu Samithi, Bay Area Telugu Association, California Telugu Samithi, Colorado Telugu Association, Colorado Springs Telugu Association, Telugu Association of Connecticut, Telugu Association of Western Connecticut, Telugu Association of Greater Danbury, Telugu Association of Greater Delaware Valley, District of Columbia – Capital Area Telugu Society, Telugu Association of Florida, Telugu Association of South Florida, Telugu Association of Jacksonville Area, Telugu Association of Greater Orlando, Greater Atlanta Telugu Association, Telugu Association of Metro Atlanta, Boise Telugu Association, Chicago Telugu Association, Telugu Association of Bloomington, Greater Indianapolis Telugu Association, Central Iowa Telugu Association, Telugu Association of Greater Kansas City, Telugu Association of Kentuckiana, Telugu Association of Maine, among others. These associations would seriously make living in USA pleasurable for the people of Telugu origin.