Spouse Visa Interview Questions And Answers For USA

Spouse Visa Interview Questions And Answers For USA

Planning a trip to the USA either for business or pleasure? One simply would love to take his or her spouse along since no journey is happy without a like-minded partner. Who better than one’s spouse can be the most like-minded person? While many times, people need to visit a different country on certain purposes that too alone, but there are cases where the duration of stay would have to be longer in the foreign land and thus such visit simply would be effective only with one’s partner. Planning such a visit becomes fun when a couple does it together, however, the most important and the crucial aspect of the entire visit or the Visa Interview at the Embassy Office has to be faced alone, even by your spouse. Therefore, there is an absolute necessity to prepare your spouse for such interview by following the below-mentioned spouse visa interview questions and answers tips, especially while applying for a visa to the USA.

Visa Interview Questions For Spouse For USA

The questions asked as a part of the spouse visa requirement for USA is relatively simple and nothing to worry about as such. Therefore, it is important to ask your spouse to stay relaxed and calm during the spouse visa interview while applying for a visa from India to the USA. While the questions asked at such a spouse visa interview are relatively simple and easy, it is important to prepare the answers well. Such questions usually pertain to areas such basic information about oneself, about one’s spouse, about their relationship, and about their future plans. Basically, the interviewer, in this case, wishes to ascertain whether the marriage is a bonafide one or not. Therefore, the spouse visa or immigration interview questions for married people would usually hover around the following aspects:

Question About Personal Details

  • What is your name?: The answer to such a question can be “My name is……….”
  • What is your nationality?: The answer to such a question can be “I am an Indian” or in case you are a non-Indian, then mention such nationality clearly.
  • What is your date of birth?: The answer should be “My date of birth is ………..”

Questions About The Place Of Birth

  • About the background of the interviewee: Questions in this segment majorly would focus on knowing about you and your relationship with the USA if any. Some of the questions that can be asked include:
  • Have you ever visited the USA before?: The answer should be either Yes or No.
  • If yes? Then when did you visit USA?: The answer should be the specific date and/or year of the visit to the USA.
  • What was the purpose of your visit to the USA? The answer should be “Went on a vacation for a week” or “Went to study at…..” or “Went to attend a meeting/conference” or whatever the purpose of the visit was.
  • What was the type of visa sanctioned to you for your last visit/s?: The answer should be the actual type of visa sanctioned. If possible, one can also carry a copy of such a visa.
  • Do you have any relatives living in the US?: The answer should mention whether one has a relative staying in the USA, while specifically mentioning the place of residence, if at all known by the individual.
  • Have you ever been married before?: The answer should be truthful and frank.
  • If yes, how did that relationship end?: The answer should be truthful enough.
  • Do you have the divorce, annulment, or death certificate papers?: Depending on how the earlier marriage ended, requisite documentary proof should be provided to support the previous answers.
  • Do you have any children?: The answer should be crisp yet truthful.
  • Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a crime?: The answer should be given truthfully.

Questions About Spouse

  • What is the full name of your husband/wife?: The answer should be “My husband/wife’s name is…………”
  • What is his/her age?: The answer should be “He/she is …………… years old.”
  • When is his/her birthday?: The answer should on “His/her birthday is on……………..”
  • Can you tell us his/her contact details?: The answer should include his/her telephone number and email address.
  • Where does your husband/wife live?: The answer should be “My husband/wife lives in ………… (city/state).”
  • What type of home does he stay?: The answer should mention whether the spouse stays in an apartment or a house.
  • Does he/she owns or rents the home?: The answer should give a specific answer.
  • What does he or she do?: The answer should clearly mention the occupation of the husband/wife.
  • What language does your husband/wife speak?: The answer should mention the language/s spoken by one’s husband/wife.
  • What are your husband/wife’s hobbies? The answer should specifically and truthfully mention hobbies such as reading, writing, cooking, etc.
  • Has your husband/wife been married before? If yes, why did the relationship end? Do you know your husband’s ex-spouse’s name?: The answer to such questions should be given as truthfully as possible.
  • Does your husband/wife have any children from that relationship?: The answer should be truthfully given along with basic details such as name and ages of such children.
  • What do you love the most about your husband/wife?: The answer should be given specifically so that the compatibility of the relationship can be assessed.

Question About Marriage

  • How and where did both of you meet?: The answer should be carefully given since the spouse might also be asked to give the answer to the same question.
  • How long were you both in a relationship?: The answer should again be carefully given.
  • Where and when did you both get married?: The answer should specifically mention the date and venue of the marriage.
  • How many guests attended your marriage?: The answer should at least provide an approximate number in order to prove the legality of the marriage.
  • Did you both go for a honeymoon? If yes, where did you both go?: The answer should again be carefully given since the spouse might also be asked to give the answer to the same question.
  • What types of activities do you both love doing together?: The answer should include activities involving both the spouses such as cooking or shopping or watching movies among others.
  • Is it difficult to stay away from each other?: Such a question determines whether there is a need to stay together and thus whether the visa should be sanctioned or not. Therefore, such a question should be answered carefully.
  • How do you communicate and interact while you are staying away from each other?: The answer to such a question should validate the above answer and thus mention the various means of communication used such as “We call each other regularly” or “We email each other” or “We get into a video chatting regularly.”
  • Have you met your husband/wife’s parents?: The answer should mention specifically and truthfully. In the case of a negative answer, the reason for not visiting the parents should also be mentioned.
  • Do your husband and wife have siblings?: The answer should clearly mention “Yes/no”.
  • If yes, what are their names and age?: The answer should try to provide the basic details.
  • Have you met them?: The answer should mention the situation truthfully.

Questions About Future Plans

In this segment, the interviewer would try to assess both the spouses plan once in USA. Therefore, questions in this segment would include:

  • Where are you going to live?: The answer should most obviously be the current place of residence of one’s spouse in US or the place where both the spouse’s plan to stay in US.
  • What is the address?: The address of such a place should be provided confidently.
  • Are you planning to work when you can?: Both the spouses should be confident and clear about this answer since the Visa interviewer would assess the genuine and plan of stay in USA from this answer.

Though the spouse visa interview questions and answers for a visa to USA are relatively easy and simple, the interviewee should be careful not to commit the following mistakes. While keeping in mind the tips mentioned above and the don’ts below, get the visa interviews cracking…..

  • Do not lack in confidence
  • Do not hide information or provide incorrect information
  • Do not provide more than necessary information
  • Do not provide inconsistent information
  • Do not engage in either talking too much or too less, both of which shows nervousness
  • Do not get into an argument with the Consulate officer