Moving Back To India From USA Checklist

Moving back to India from USA checklist

Since long, USA has been a dream destination for many Indians to spend their life. However, many times such dreams of staying back in the most developed nations of the world after pursuing an educational course or a career pursuit might simply remain a dream and the individual might have to move back to India from the USA. Recollecting all the stuff and bringing them back to India might just be more tedious than it was to pack the backpacks while leaving for the USA. This article would help those packing their backpacks to return from USA to India by providing them with a checklist of what they can carry back to India and what they cannot carry back to India.

Moving Back To India From USA Checklist

While an NRI plans moving back to India from USA it certainly isn’t a quick and easy decision. It takes lengthy discussion and quite a lot of deliberations while finalizing such a move. Some of the factors which might be influencing such a decision include parents staying back in India who refuse to come and settle down with the children, engaging social life in India which necessitates such an extreme move, or starting a family in India or planning to have kids born and brought up in India.

Some of the major concerns that haunt the NRIs moving back to India include their experiences with spiraling traffic jams in almost all the major cities of the country, worries about matching healthcare and other infrastructure availability in India (similar to USA), and certainly a matching or at least similar career path as was defined or about to be defined in the USA.

One of the hassles that almost everyone moving out of a place to other needs to arrange is the transportation of their belongings to this new place. While there are specific agencies and companies who are ready to manage and help the individuals with the packaging and transportation, it is important to have a checklist handy regarding the items which can be or needs to be carried while moving back to India from the USA in 2019. These include

1. Important Documents

Important documents such as documents related to education, tax, bank, property, and stocks are an absolute must while moving back to India from USA. since these usually do not have a copy back in India (even though a copy can be arranged, it requires a lot of hassles). These documents also include a birth certificate of your babies born in the USA (if any), any medical documents which might be required for follow up treatment or merely as records for future use, PIO card, school certificates, and other such important documentary evidence. It is always better to carry a soft copy (either in email or in a DVD) of these documents as well while traveling in case of loss or theft. The documents which an individual needs to carry also include a list of important numbers (contact numbers and details) of friends and important places such as office, school, among others in case of future requirements.

2. Toys And Personal Goods Of The Children

Kids would be new to the atmosphere of India and they cab quite fussy about their personal belongings. Making a special effort to carry back their belongings such as special toys, special dresses, and special books (though restricting them in order to maintain the overall weight being carried) would help the parents stay sorted and calm while traveling back to India.

3. Special Gifts And Mementos

These are special items presented or earned during one’s stay in the USA. However much is spent, these items can never be earned or got back in India. Thus, one needs to make a special effort to carry these special memories, such as souvenirs, gifts, prizes, greeting cards, and photos, back to India while winding up.

Some small electronic items such as MP3 players, laptops, cameras, camcorders, DVD players, external HDD, and music systems in case you have been using it since long since the quality of such items would certainly not be readily available through these can be sourced online after some search and the prices are comparatively higher than in the USA. One should usually avoid carrying back the bigger electronic items such as Television, Refrigerators since these can be cumbersome to carry.

4. High Quality And Pricy Dresses

These high-quality dresses and other designer items purchased from the USA are a must while packing the bags. This is because, though most of the dresses that bought in the USA are 'Made in India', there is definitely a difference in the quality between "what is got in India" vs. "what is shipped to the USA".

5. IP Based Phone Service

One can and should get a subscription to an IP based phone service (such as Vonage, Skype, Magic Jack etc.,) before moving out of the USA. This is because till the time one is settled in India completely, such a phone would come in handy to maintain contacts and stay in touch. Further, Skype compatible IP phones are cheap while the call quality is good, thus presenting a win-win deal.

6. Books

If books are a constant companion, these should definitely be brought back to keep company during the long journey back home and all through the time taken to settle back again at one’s residence in India. One important reason to carry such books back to India is that one might not get all these books in the Indian market.

List of Items Not To Carry From USA

While moving back to India from USA, there are certain items or goods which can be easily avoided or rather not carried back. These include

  • Avoid getting back all the electronic items as these would only add to the inconvenience. Moreover, most of these electronic items are readily available in India or online as well which can very well be sourced once settled in India.
  • Avoid carrying regular kitchen items such as utensils since these are available locally and that too at reasonable prices
  • Avoid carrying heavy wooden furniture/s such as beds, mattresses, living room furniture, since not only they are easily available in India, in fact much better variety, design, and quality, that too at a reasonable price can be sourced in India
  • Cars are one item which should not be brought back to India. This is because primarily India does not permit the use of left-hand side driver seats. Moreover carrying back cars would unnecessarily incur huge costs and hassles.