Maha Rudram 2017 @ Bharatiya Temple

Maha Rudram 2017 @ Bharatiya Temple

Bharatiya Temple
6850 N Adams Rd
Troy,Michigan - 48098

Date & Time

July 28, 2017 - July 30, 2017
08:00 -

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Mobile :(248) 879 2552

Sri Rudram, also known as Sri Rudra Prasnam, is a hymn renowned for its healing vibrations, is chanted on the Para Brahman, visualised as Rudra Siva

Maharudram is the chanting of Rudra Japam 1331 times, chanted by 121 Ritwiks 11 times each. Our Shastras say that participating in one Ekadasa Rudram and one Rudra Homam removes the Panchamaha Patakams.

Navachandi Yagnam gives benefits like good health, prosperity, longevity, food, wealth, fame, Removal of fear, danger, defeat in the hand of adversaries. In addition doing such Vedic events should be conducted for Loka Kshemam i.e. for the benefit of our community.