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FEMA Guidelines For Outward Remittance

Every country has its own guidelines on the money going in and going out. This includes India which is a country...

What Happens When You Declare Money At Customs

International traveler need to mandatory undergo customs check while traveling through international passages and...

How To Exchange Indian Rupee To US Dollar In USA

With the growing population of visitors (for various reasons such as education, career, and medical, among others) to...

Checklist For Travelling To USA From India

Every country has mandated instructions for any visitor visiting the country which needs to be followed by the...

Temporary Green Card Travel Restrictions

Green Card or a Permanent Resident Card is issued to all the permanent residents of USA which serves as a proof that...

How To Repatriate Money From NRO Account?

Repatriation of funds becomes necessary when an individual settled outside India has some immovable assets which he...

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Q: Can NRI place intraday order?

A: * No. NRI's not allowed to do the Intraday transaction. They can only trade on a delivery basis. * Short selling is not allowed.

Q: Can an NRI trade in currency derivated segment of the exchange?

A: No, NRIs cannot trade in currency derivated segment of the exchange.

Q: Can rights/bonus shares be issued to NRI?

A: FEMA provisions allow Indian companies to issue Rights / Bonus shares to existing non-resident shareholders, subject to adherence to sectoral cap as may be applicable

Q: Can the NRI deposits be prematurely extended to get the benefit of higher interest?

A: Yes, the deposit will earn interest without penalty for the period it has run, provided it has run for the minimum maturity period and thereafter at the higher interest rate.

Q: Will, the bank renew our NRE/FCNR bank deposits automatically?

A: Yes, provided automatic renewal instructions are given at the time of opening the deposit in which case, it will be automatically renewed for an identical period.

Q: Can NRI invest in immovable proprietory concern?

A: Yes, NRI can invest in capital proprietary and partnership firms engaged in manufacturing, commerce or trading activities on a non-repatriation basis