1054 - Unknown column 'event_date1' in 'where clause'

select a.*,b.cityname,c.statename,c.statelink,d.cat_name,d.cat_link,e.slug,f.subcat_name,f.subcat_link from tbl_directory a, tbl_city b, tbl_state c,tbl_directory_category d,tbl_individual_urls e,tbl_directory_subcategory f where a.city_id=b.cityid and b.stateid=c.stateid and a.cat_id=d.cat_id and a.id=e.type_id and a.subcat_id=f.subcat_id and e.type='directory' and b.stateid=9 and a.status='Active' and event_date1 > NOW() - INTERVAL 30 DAY and event_date1 < NOW() + INTERVAL 30 DAY order by views desc

[MySql Error]